Lisbon. 2020. Part One: Let’s get Acquainted / ENGLISH

We developed such a tradition - to celebrate Christmas at home, and to celebrate the New Year away from home.

A change of scenery to a different cultural and ethnical environment helps to unload and

Disconnect self and take a good breath before the next year.

This time the choice was Portugal. We have never been here.

It must be admitted that many European countries are very similar to one another. In their architecture, service, and prices.

The only significant difference is the language of communication. As I was told, Portuguese is a bit similar to Spanish, but not as common as the latter.

Thanks sounds like obrigada here, and good morning bom dia.

It turns out that morning news is all about bombs I guess.

You have to at least somehow remember something. However, as I understand it, most tourists here speak English.

During the first walk, nothing was so striking as this poster.

Painfully familiar symbol. As if, one is being choked by mothballs in a box. It’s like the ghost that roamed Europe decided to stay here a little bit,

even though redlight is on.

Imagine - the Portuguese Communist Party, in an alliance with the socialists,

to this day they occupy more than a third of the votes in the country's parliament.

To be honest, I thought that in the European area this is an endangered species, but alas. They, the PCP, as well as other varieties, turned out to be tenacious here, almost like the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Perhaps that is why the typical attributes of that era so often catch my eye.

Well, just masterpieces of fine art.

But let's not talk about sad things.

It was nice to watch other good traditions, such as family races, when parents run with their kids.

Then the kids run alone. Both boys and girls.

This is the key to improving society. In fact, you can take it into ministry. For example, to organize an event “Run, baby, run!” In Riga.

And then to all the participants, in a festive atmosphere,

future champions were presented with gifts.

And this unusual tradition must have been borrowed from Holland.

Such privileges are provided, alas, not to women, but to impatient men.

What is the reason for such discrimination, I still cannot lay hold on a reason.

The weather here is autumn, despite the New Year season.

The climate is mild. Very close to the ocean.

The city is said to be on seven hills, with a population of a million.

We have to spend the next week here.

Happy New Year once again, friends!!! Greetings from Lisbon.

That's all for now. Wait for the latest news!!!

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